About us

      “POLYSTOM» was established in 1995 with the participation of the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, OJSC “STOMATOLOGY” and the collective dealing in the mid eighties with calcium phosphate materials. In 2005 the company was reorganized as the Joint-Stock Company «Research and Production Organization “POLYSTOM”.

In 2003 the corporate author “POLYSTOM” was awarded the State Prize of Russia in the domain of sciences and technology for the researches and development of calcium phosphate materials for medicine.

Currently, “R&P “POLYSTOM” is a leading company in the Russian Federation that develops and produces materials for bone tissue regeneration. By the end of 2017 with the production of the company more than 2,5 mln different operations in such branches of medicine, as surgical stomatology, maxillofacial surgery, ENT, orthopedics and traumatology have been made.

“R&P “POLYSTOM” cooperates with leading research centers in the country, is a permanent member of Russian and international exhibitions: «Dental Show,» «Dental-Expo», «Dental Review» (Moscow), IDS (Cologne), FDI, regional trade fairs in Russia.


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