TCP-95g – granules

TCP-95g – granules

Description: granules TCP-95g are round or irregular shaped of white or close to white colour (ТS 9391-004-77330104-2006). Composition — β-tricalcium phosphate — hydroxyapatite.

The material is produced in the form of porous granules with the sizes 0.25, 0.5, 1 and 2 mm.

Properties. The material is a part of inorganic hard tissues matrix. It has better human tissues biocompatibility and does not cause rejection reaction. It differs more in accelerated bio disruptiveness from hydroxyapatite. After the bone cavity filling the material resorbs being substituted by osseous tissue.

Indications for use. The material is recommended for filling of small bone defects of different etiology after surgical treatment in cases of cystectomy, resection and extraction of teeth for prevention of alveolar process atrophy, etc.

1 g (sterile), the other packages: bottle 5g, 50g are non-sterile. Sterilization of the material should be made before the product application and can be made repeatedly in dry heating chamber or in an autoclave.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE       Clinical cases using TCP-95g – granules