INDOST-gel +

INDOST-gel +

Description. A fine gel of white or slightly yellowish colour, packed in disposable syringes with a capacity of 1-2 ml (TS 9391-008-77330104-2009). It contains powder and granules of calcium orthophosphates and composition of growth factors.

Properties. It is indicated for use at patients with reduced regenerative function. The material is a composition of calcium orthophosphate with inorganic and organic components of non-animal origin. It is characterized by biocompatibility with human tissues and does not cause rejection. It features by improved osteoinductive properties. The material refers to non-toxic substances and does not cause long-term adverse effects.
Indications for use. The material is used in the recovery of small bone defects of various origins in the maxillofacial region through their completion (cystectomy, sinus lift, sequestrectomy, etc.). One can combine this material with other osteoplastic materials.




Indost gel