INDOST sponge

INDOST sponge

Description. Fragments (patches) of the sizes 20x8x7+1,5 mm, of the weight 0.15±0,05 g, of white or close to white colour with specific odour (ТS 9391-005-77330104-2006). It may be manufactured in the form of plates and strips of different sizes and thickness on consumers’ demand.

Properties. The product is a composition of organic and inorganic components of hard  tissues matrix.. It is defined as human tissues biocompatible and does not cause any rejection reaction. INDOST sponges inforces ostegenesis and stimulates healing of wounds in osseous tissues.

It belongs to non-toxic substances and does not cause the delayed adverse effects (inflammatory and allergic reactions), has no mutagenic and immunomodulatory effects, does not influence pregnancy course and child delivery.

Indications for use. The material is used in surgical, orthopedic and dental practice for infill of bone cavities emerged after resection of cysts and pseudotumors, sequestrectomy, in earlier operated patients with chronic osteomyelitis (including those with complicated pathological fracture). When treating cavities of big size (> 5 cm3) it can be used together with HYDROXYAPOL (in powder or granular form) or INDOST granules.


Manufactured forms

INDOST sponge
10 fragments 20х8х8 mm
INDOST sponge № 4
4 fragments 10х8х8 mm




Indost sponges