INDOST plates

INDOST plates

Description. Strips of the sizes 20х8×1.2±0,5 mm, of the weight 0.15+0.05 g, of white or close to white colour (TS 9391-005-77330104-2006). The product is a composition of organic and inorganic components of osseous tissues and collagen. Contains composition of the growth factors.

Properties. The material is defined as human tissues biocompatible and does not cause any rejection reaction. It intensifies osteogenesis (bone formation) and stimulates a wound-healing process in soft and osseous tissues. It belongs to low toxic substances and does not cause the delayed adverse effects (inflammatory and allergic reactions), has no mutagenic and immunomodulatory effects, does not influence pregnancy course and child delivery.

Indications for use. The material is used in therapy and surgical treatment of parodontosis of an average and average-serious degree by implanting INDOST plates in osseous pocket, and also at various diseases in maxillofacial area.

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Indost plates