Description. Bylayer plates of the sizes 30×25х0.2 mm, of the weight approximately 0.20 g or different forms of the same thickness (ТS 9391-009-77330104-2010). Contains an active surface (of white colour with rough surface). It consists of modified collagen and sprayed HYDROXYAPOL (powder). Manufacturing of other sizes and forms is possible.

Properties. By preventing the migration of epithelial tissue in the bone wound PARODONCOL intensifies the bone formation (osteogenesis) and stimulates a wound-healing in osseous and periodontal tissues It is completely resorbable.

Indications for use. The material is used in surgical treatment of periodontal disease and parodontosis of moderate and severe stages and also in cases of different bone grafting operations in maxillofacial region: cystectomy, sinus-lift, root recession.

instructions for use

Parodonkol 30x25x0.2