Description and main properties. The paste (gel) of white or slightly yellowish colour, is a composition of HYDROXYAPOL (hydroxyapatite, tribasic calcium phosphate), barium sulfate and anti-inflammatory preparations with organic ingredients (ТS 9391-008-77330104-2009).

The main components of TrApex-gel are:

  1. Dexamethazone
  2. Composition of calcium orthophosphates – hydroxyapatite (HA) and β-tricalcium phosphate (TCP) with particles size from 10 to 50 nanometers.
  3. Radiographic contrast medium


Clinical effect of the material is determined by the combined effect of these components. Dexamethasone: a) suppresses the abnormal proliferation of granulation tissue in the hearth of destruction, b) promotes resorption of the surrounding bone tissue pathological focus with the release of her local growth factors, and c) promotes the differentiation of fibroblast-like cells (FLC) in the granulation tissue in the hearth osteogenic direction. HA and TCP fix vacated growth factors and provide attraction of undifferentiated in the center, their proliferation and osteogenic differentiation. The composition inhibits the formation of free radicals, suppressing by this the effects of oxidative stress in the hearth.

This pharmacodynamic eventually inhibits destructive inflammatory processes and stimulates osteogenesis


instructions for use